A very special Green Screen at House of Yes

“Part theater, part cinema, part circus, part cosplay, part cannabis con (…) People come for the content, but they stay for the community.”

'Reefer Madness' Interactive Screening: A Cult Classic Makes a Comeback

The Hollywood Reporter

Jimmy Harper couldn’t resist the Reefer Den in this satirical stoner singalong combining the 2005 film with live performances by Broadway stars and the original cast. Our show was the perfect hybrid of immersive movie magic and theatrical performance —created by your buds at BBQ Films.

Not only did we show the original film, our venue was converted into a 1930s propaganda playhouse for the evening. Dancers and performers lectured the crowd on the horrors of “the devil’s weed,” while sneaky vendors on the patio peddled their wares to the more “enlightened” guests.

Come Back Daily, NYC’s most trusted CBD retail hub offered tincture samples, Presto Doctor, the number one rated online medical marijuana doctor, was on hand to guide guests through the registration process, PuffCards offered greeting cards engineered to hold grass gifts, and Sunbud Solutions raffled off their giant grow pod to raise money for the Drug Policy Alliance.

Minds were opened by the jazzy tunes of a custom quartet lead by Lance Horne of Club Cumming. They marched our audience into the main hall for the feature presentation, led by Dan Studney (creator of the musical), our Lecturer and his special assistant, Jimmy Harper (played by star of the original film, Christian Campbell) .

Not only did our audience get to hear two new songs from upcoming musical reboot (performed by Ellia J. Garlands and Ethan Slater), they were dazzled by go-go dancers, burlesque, flying brownie chefs, and an array of other special performances. We were honored to host Colton Taylor, a cannabis activist who suffers from an auto-immune disease, who graced the stage to talk about how cannabis saved his life.

Tony Award nominee Ethan Slater (SpongeBob SquarePants) will perform a never-before-heard song from the potential musical remount at a screening of the 2005 movie at House of Yes September 20.
Additionally, star of the 2005 film Christian Campbell and musical co-creator Dan Studney will share behind-the-scenes secrets, and musical director of the stage revival Lance Horne will take the stage with his jazz quartet.
The screening is part of the Green Screen program, an event series from BBQ Films that caters to cannabis enthusiasts.

GREEN SCREEN is a full-spectrum event series created by BBQ Films that caters to cannabis enthusiasts. Part clubhouse, part variety show, part movie theater—we’ve cultivated the perfect hybrid event to watch your favorite films and TV. Thanks to our partners: