A Festivus for the rest of us!

BBQ Films ushered in the holiday season on December 4 in full Costanza fashion at Arlene’s Grocery. Various 90s holiday TV characters were in the crowd as we hosted a traditional airing of grievances and a most unusual feats of strength (where both physical and mental strength were needed). We ended the evening with a special ode to our 10-foot Festivus pole—New York City’s tallest! (If you arrived early and were given an Atomic Subs rewards card with Elaine’s phone number and then found your way to our secret off-track betting room downstairs, that’s another story.)

And who better to help us honor the holiday than Kenny Kramer—Larry David’s real-life neighbor who inspired the Cosmo character himself! Kenny took to the stage to share stories about Larry and the show and the many of our guests walked away with some of his custom, exclusive swag.

Thanks to all for celebrating with us.