BBQ Films is an event production company that creates immersive cinematic experiences in extraordinary locations. Our passionate Film Crew brings our favorite movies to life via interactive installations — whether that’s Back to the Future’s Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, or The Fifth Element’s Fhloston Paradise. We know the audience better than anyone, we know the films better than anyone, and we execute exceptionally every time.

We evolved from a casual rooftop cookout and film screening in Spanish Harlem, to pop-up cinema club, to the fully experiential production company you see today. But since 2007, one constant has remained: we’re using storytelling to create community, bringing an element of surprise and excitement back to movie fans.

Our events take place in venues all around New York city and beyond.  We look for interesting venues and hire experienced A/V professionals to create a snag-free screening experience. Then we fold in our custom storyline, costumed actors, creative set pieces, live music, and our BBQ secret spice blend to create a movie-going experience like no other. From American Psycho to Weekend at Bernie’s, each BBQ Films event has its own character and each event draws a unique audience ranging from 200 to 2,000 ticketed guests.


Our dedicated group of BBQ Films volunteers are the glue that binds our community together and the reason our events can take place at all. We’re based in New York, but our incredible crew spans the globe and consists of talented artists and performers as well as magazine editors, tech gurus, photographers, project managers, publicity experts, psychologists, app developers, bartenders, chefs, makeup artists, music producers, cat lovers, idea monsters, space cadets, and the like. Our fields of expertise may vary widely but our love of cinema and a fantastic party are something we all have in common.
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Our engaging events are highly sponsorable and we have experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands. Would your company or product be a good fit for one of our unforgettable, cinematic experiences? We’d love to work with you. Send your pitch with your favorite movie gif to gabriel@bbqfilms.com.