Weekend at Bernie Jr.s’

Guests don’t flock to BBQ simply to watch movies; they go for the chance to be in them. Every [event] contains some sort of social-interaction scene that’s then re-created to make participants feel like movie stars.

Party Time at the Movies

Entertainment Weekly

In spirit of his late father’s over-the-top Hamptons events,  Bernie Lomax, Jr. (BJ)  threw an 80s-inspired beach-themed party for the “launch” of his new industry-disrupting tech product.

Lovingly called the Gordon Gekko of startups, BJ had big plans for his party. Not only did he show the documentary Weekend at Bernie’s to honor his his dad, but he opened up his Playpen and invited his friends to peek behind the curtain of his promising cryptocurrency business, the famous BernBux.com.

The evening had plenty of surprises in store: Guests stopped by the energetic Bern Bux headquarters, they lost themselves  in a guided meditation led by BJ’s spiritual guru, they experienced the Cava Cave, and they snapped lots of pics in the famous Lomax Cherry Chevy Stingray. Then they danced (or LEANED) the night away to the mellow surf sounds of Panama Wedding and the TERRY KISER (original Bernie) himself. Plus a portion of each ticket sale went to help support Rockaway Youth Task Force.