27th Birthday

For those who spent a bit more…the experience deepened, offering American Psycho art, Hors d’ourves from Dorsia, custom mixtapes (yes, cassette mixtapes), and more. One lucky patron even got a chainsaw (yes, to keep).

BBQ Films Brings American Psycho to Life

Untapped Cities

The folks at BBQ Films invited NYC to don their best business wear and travel back to 1980s to celebrate their friend Patrick Bateman’s 27th Birthday with a screening of American Psycho. And just like the finest business card, this BBQ experience was extra luxe.

Guests accompanied Pierce & Pierce employees for cocktails at a secret club under the Tribeca Grand hotel to toast to the momentous event. The evening featured a fantastic soundtrack from your favorite 80s pop stars like Whitney Houston, Genesis, and Huey Lewis & the News, a special musical performance by the Silent Drape Runners, a photobooth with Robert Palmer girls, and, of course, a screening of the movie with a BBQ Films style intermission.

With their shoulder pads, Wayfarer sunglasses, and fabulously large cell phones on display, guests came dressed to impress, and at this party, everyone got VIP treatment.

Now, please excuse us, we have to return some videotapes.