Holiday on the Fhloston Paradise

Costumed aliens patrolled the ship and there were several racy performances by burlesque dancers, including a climactic striptease by a woman dressed as a bandaged Milla Jovovich.

The Fifth Element On A Boat With Burlesque


As an end-of-summer celebration, we invited guests to join us for an out-of-this-world vacation like no other–a cruise aboard the infamous space liner, her majesty the Fhloston Paradise.

Re-imagined on the The Princess, the star of the World Yacht fleet, our BBQ Films version included offerings inspired by The Fifth Element: A festive welcome party that lei’d guests upon arrival, MC Ruby Rod, futuristic holiday drinks, music from group “a place both wonderful and strange,” a Paradise photo booth, Jean Paul Gaultier’s timeless fashions, Gemini Croquette contest giveaways, and plenty of surprises.

During intermission, our very own (and very blue) Diva Plavalaguna performed in the main cabin, entertaining guests with her vocals and her burlesque interpretation of the famous show. And although Zorg and his crew of Mangalores happened to be onboard, that didn’t stop a fantastical finale on the upper deck which culminated with a very colorful performance from LeeLoo, and the destruction of the Great Evil balloon of confetti.