I am in awe of how abundantly joyful the whole ordeal is from top to bottom. Though we occasionally witness the sour points of certain fervent fan bases, Ghostbusters HQ is proof that the only real point to engage with any piece of fiction or pop culture is for the fun of it.

Ghostbusters HQ is Proof the Fandom is All About Joy


We came. We saw. We kicked its ass.

Our Ghostbusters HQ—celebrating the 1984 film—was one of the most slime-tastic movie celebrations in history. More than 1,300 guests got hands-on training with Ghostbustin’ gear, tutorials from our team of paranormal scientists, personal ghost sighting consultations, and access to extremely rare Ecto Cooler cocktails.

They each walked away with a never-before-seen Pocket Proton Pack (we’ve miniaturized the technology to conveniently fit in your pocket!), a limited-edition Ghostbusters HQ poster, and shoulders covered with “marshmallow” ectoplasm.

This event was made possible by Sony, Giphy, Coca Cola/Hi-C, Papa John’s, Activision and many local chapters of dedicated Ghostbusters fan clubs. Ticket sales helped support the Fire Family Transport Foundation.

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