Fashion Show


How no one thought to do this before is a mystery to us, but kudos to BBQ Films for making it a reality.

Derelicte Fashion Show at Windmill Studios

Time Out New York

Taking a cue from Ben Stiller’s cinéma vérité masterpiece Zoolander, BBQ Films ventured to ask the question “Is there more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?” And for two nights on September 21 and 22 of 2012 they answered that question in true over-the-top style at their Derelicte Fashion Show.

Guests arrived in their best runway-ready getups and were provided fashion beer koozies from Pursuit of NY, giveaways from Golden Age of the Music Video, and gourmet Rice Krispies Treat from Nomnivorous (complete with a reflective spoon for to gazing at oneself to see how ridiculously good looking you are).

Male Model Bartenders served orange mocha frappaccinos as guests paraded through their own Derelicte fashion photo shoots. But the true spectacle of the event happened when Mugatu and Hansel joined a surprise guest “Derek” chosen from the crowd for a walk-off to end all walk-offs.