Back to the
Under the Sea Dance

The experience was immersive to a quantum level of detail: A magician from Long Island parked his 1983 DeLorean out front, gull-wing doors akimbo.

Back to 1955 via the Eighties

The Wall Street Journal

We invited guests to travel back in time and experience Back to the Future in a completely new and immersive way by traveling back to 1955 and attending the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. Our context? The time machine had been stolen, and the continuum disrupted. Alongside Doc and Marty, guests were prompted to to help “save the future” by ensuring George McFly and Lorraine Baines were crowned king and queen of the dance.

Guests arrived to the Old St. Patrick’s ChurchGymnasium in New York City and had a few moments to admire the Delorean parked outside before being invited into our custom time portal which transported them into 1955 via flux capacitor, of course. After stepping into the past, they could mingle with Hill Valley High students and staff, cast their votes for prom court, dance to the updated retro sounds of PostModern Jukebox and the Tee Tones, pose in our prom photobooth, donate to “save the clocktower” (funds went to charity) and sip drinks from Brooklyn Brewery and Vinos Libres wines.

Principal Strickland even dragged a few students to his office upstairs for a lecture on rule-breaking and a top-secret one-on-one scolding. The live intermission crowned a prom court from the crowd while George and Lorraine danced to”Earth Angel.” Afterwards, Doc Brown led the crowd in a post-movie swing dance party.

A portion of event proceeds raised were donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.