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We create this authentic environment for folks to engage with fictional stories… when people go out and want to experience a story outside of their homes, they can go to an experiential wraparound with a story with people beside them. It’s like front row at a Bruce Springsteen concert. You’re there.

Gabriel Rhoads (via Indiewire)

Co-Founder, BBQ Films

A Tribute to Twin Peaks

The primary function of the burlesque may have been to fulfill some fans’ fantasies — and the many sets of rapt eyes said it did just that — but it made for a nice metaphor for the evening, too: Everyone was there to peak behind the figurative curtain of the show.

Coffee, Pie and Nudity: “Twin Peaks” Comes to Life in New York

Wasn’t it cathartic and fun to have all watched something that made no sense, then be able to turn to each other and be like, “Yo, that made no sense”?

It’s Like ‘The Butterfly Effect,’ or ‘Every Aspect of Humanity’: Just Wondering, What is Twin Peaks About?
MTV News

Catching glimpse of hundreds of fans, young and old alike, packing my old neighborhood’s Brooklyn Bazaar to the brim for BBQ Films’ Tribute to Twin Peaks this past Tuesday evening gave me a new appreciation for the cult series’ place in the modern world.

How Twin Peaks Broke Ground, Vanished, and Came Back in Style

Thanks to careful production, beautiful lighting, eerie set props, and incredible actors, the evening was a wonderful opportunity to worldbuild upon the existing Twin Peaks fantasy.

Showtime Presents: A Tribute to Twin Peaks

But perhaps the most Twin Peak-iest moment of the night was in anticipation of the third act, as the costumed crowd gathered in the red room, idly swaying to the Badalamenti-like music coming from the unseen live band hidden behind a white curtain. In the red light, with hope and anticipation, it could have almost been the ‘90s.

Log Ladies and Laura Palmers Painted It Red at This Immersive Twin Peaks Tribute
Bedford and Bowery

Ghostbusters HQ

I am in awe of how abundantly joyful the whole ordeal is from top to bottom. Though we occasionally witness the sour points of certain fervent fan bases, Ghostbusters HQ is proof that the only real point to engage with any piece of fiction or pop culture is for the fun of it.

Ghostbusters HQ is Proof the Fandom is All About Joy

Full jumpsuits, ghoulish makeup, physics lessons, a haunted photo booth, classic video games, DIY gif cameras, Slimer masks, ’80s memorabilia and new memorabilia (including the real ECTO-1 Cadillac prop used in the new film!) were all on display.

An Immersive Ghostbusters Party Is Taking Over Williamsburg

The best reason to go is just to be in the joyous atmosphere that only really exists on movie sets. Except it’s real, and it’s going on all around you among a crowd of people who couldn’t be less ironic about how great it is.

Brooklyn’s Ghostbusters HQ is Basically Like Being in the Movie
Metro NY

Wherever the internet demons are, it certainly isn’t here. Perhaps they’re too afraid to attend events like these, where they will be appropriately identified, busted, and trapped.

I Spent a Night with Ghostbusters Superfans and I Was the Only Asshole There
MTV News

There’s something special about hearing a sold-out crowd burst into applause as the first notes of that iconic theme song hit, and how people who have seen the movie countless times are still laughing at the jokes, or breaking into cheers.

Ghostbusters Screening Event in Brooklyn Puts Fans in The Action
Den of Geek

Beetlejuice’s Wedding

For…BBQ Films, this Beetlejuice event took their innovative strategy to the next level, not only bringing Tim Burton’s wicked vision to life but providing a platform for real-life couples to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony.

BBQ Films’ Immersive “Beetlejuice” Experience

This…immersive event [had] a screening of the cult Winona Ryder film, live performers, aerial dancers, fantastic costumes, and Beetlejuice-inspired décor, like a netherworld waiting room perfect for strange and unusual selfies.

Meet the Couple Who Were Married by Beetlejuice
New York Magazine

But first, Beetlejuice himself flew across the audience, tethered to to the ceiling by wires, landed above the bar, and climbed down and onto the stage. The wedding guests roared with applause.

We Went to Beetlejuice’s Wedding Hosted by BBQ Films and Lived to Write the Tale
Untapped Cities

In one corner, a severed woman read quietly on a couch while her still-living legs bobbed back and forth. On stage, a strange and unusual live cast acted out lines from Beetlejuice’s wedding with plenty of help from the crowd.

Scenes From A Good & Ghostly Beetlejuice Party

Couples could renew their vows with Beetlejuice as their officiant, turning the fake wedding into a real celebration.

The Undead Celebrate Beetlejuice’s Unholly Matrimony in Bushwick
Village Voice

Blade Rave

Never let it be said that BBQ Films, a New York production company who [creates] immersive parties around film screenings, [does] anything halfway. Their tribute to 90s cult vampire flick Blade was stuffed to the fangs with bloody treats for hardcore fans and the newly initiated alike.

A Bloody Hot Mess of Photos from NYC’s Blade Rave
Hopes and Fears

Friday night during New York Comic Con, BBQ films held one of the most original celebrations in recent memory, recreating the iconic setting for 1998’s “Blade” film and its opening action scene…The “Blade Rave” featured cosplay, buckets of blood (dousing ravers via a sprinkler system) and The Crystal Method performing live.

NYCC’s “Blade Rave” is a Bloody Good Time
Comic Book Resources

BBQ Films found a way to suspend reality and create an incredible experience. Even by their own high standards, they outdid themselves.

How The BBQ Films Blade Rave Won NYCC

This “Blade Rave”…proves an immersive spectacle from the start. The majority of its thousand-plus revelers are dressed in some sort of nightwalker get-up, all black leather or sanguine-ready white cotton.

Blade Rave: The Club Night Where Blood Rains from the Ceiling
The Guardian

The rave drew quite the diverse crowd, and the only appropriate blanket statement is that they all seemed to be there for a good time.

Anatomy of a Blood Rave

Rex Manning Day

What BBQ Films had created was something more akin to Disney-World-meets-Comic-Con. You don’t go to Disney World because you want to meet Mickey Mouse. You don’t go to Comic Con because you want to revisit the innocent joy of characters and stories from your childhood. You go because you love Disney movies and you love superheroes, and celebrating these things with people of similar opinions just feels damned good.

Rex Manning Day: Just Another Tasty Treat from BBQ Films
Consequence of Sound

[Ethan] Embry passes a record-store employee behind the cash register and asks, “How late are you open?” Without missing a beat, the guy deadpans, “Midnight.”

How Ethan Embry Spent Rex Manning Day
Vanity Fair

The night ended with the band covering…the signature track of the movie itself, Coyote Shivers’ “Sugarhigh,” and the costumed crew from BBQ dancing on the stage. And that was the absolute perfect way to end the night: a bunch of people, earnestly loving the movie that they came to celebrate, dancing as the lights came up.

Empire Records Recreated at Rough Trade in NYC for Rex Manning Day

During an intermission, the metal band GWAR rushed out to recreate the dream-video scene where Mark is with them and eaten by a worm. This time though “Mark” was a raffle winner selected earlier in the evening. But moments after this Mark disappeared, actor Ethan Embry, Mark in the film, was pulled from the worm, and he, Johnny Whitworth, who played A.J., and GWAR selected the next two raffle winners…

‘Empire Records’ 20th anniversary celebration at Rough Trade NYC
Brooklyn Vegan

But even if you’re not an Empire Records fan, you’d have to be dead not to have a good time at this thing.

GWAR Bring the House Down at BBQ Films’ Empire Records 20th Anniversary Screening
Metal Sucks

Weekend at Bernie Jr.’s

Guests don’t flock to BBQ simply to watch movies; they go for the chance to be in them. Every [event] contains some sort of social-interaction scene that’s then re-created to make participants feel like movie stars.

Party Time at the Movies
Entertainment Weekly

This weekend, BJ Lomax is inviting you to join him for a launch party of, at the beach on the Rockaways. BJ is throwing this party in the spirit of his late father’s over-the-top Hamptons events, and a “documentary” on his father will be shown in Bernie’s honor.

A Whole New Way To Get Into A Movie
Drive the District (Chevrolet)

BBQ Films delivered on an epic finale … Actor Terry Kiser, Bernie Lomax himself, made an appearance to perform the famous “Bernie Dance.”

BBQ Films “Weekend At Bernie Jr’s” Left Us Dead At Our Feet in Playland Hotel at the Rockaways
Untapped Cities

Terry answered questions about his infamous Bernie “smirk,” talked about what the film means to him, demonstrated the Bernie lean from a chair, posed with guests, and spoke about upcoming projects.

Terry Kiser Appears At 25th Anniversary Party For Weekend at Bernie’s, Put On By BBQ Films
Radar Online

The young crowd attending the screening of a cult film later this month will arrive dressed for a party and bearing some unusual expectations. They do not merely wish to see the movie. They would like to be in it as well.

Action Replay Gives Film Buffs Chance to Live the Dream
The Times UK

Back to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance

BBQ events are [more] like elaborate theme parties for films, shown in unusual locations and with much of the audience in costume.

Jumping Off the Screen
New York Times 

The experience was immersive to a quantum level of detail: A magician from Long Island parked his 1983 DeLorean out front, gull-wing doors akimbo.

Back to 1955 via the Eighties
The Wall Street Journal

This was a dream floated down from some pop culture wonderland.

An Evening with ‘Back to the Future’ Superfans in a Manhattan Gymnasium

There are certain things we’ve come to expect from Gabriel Rhoads and the BBQFilms crew over the past year – arresting attention to detail, intricate costuming, and a contagious respect for great films, to name a few.

Great Scott! BBQFilms Sends New Yorkers Back to the Future
Untapped Cities

Rhoads and Lickus see [BBQ Films] events as a new way to experience movies — the live theater elements involving elaborate costumes and sets help to create a community around storytelling.

From ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ to ‘Back to the Future,’ How BBQ Films Creates Immersive Cinematic Experiences


Fall Foot Clan Tryouts

The biggest celeb sighting of the night was obviously the Ninja Turtles themselves, and they were received by the crowd with the fanfare of Olympic athletes.

Turtle Power! Scenes from the Fall Foot Clan Tryouts
Paper Magazine

Naturally, Shredder showed up and held tryouts for the Foot Clan. It was all going so smoothly until the rad turtles with ‘tudes broke up the party and ate some pizza to celebrate. Partners in Kryme added to the surprise and sang the credits song as well.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Screening and Foot Clan Tryouts in BK
Village Voice

From Super Nintendos, Ataris and classic arcade games to a graffiti-kissed half-pipe and tasteful quantities of green ooze, Gabriel Rhoads and his team flawlessly brought us all into the film.

BBQ Films’ Screening of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Cowabunga!
Untapped Cities

“We are getting known for our intermissions,” says Gabriel Rhoads, 34, the founder of BBQ Films. “What you’ll see on Thursday will be the one and only time you ever see this.”

Interactive Brooklyn screening of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ will give fans a chance to act out their childhood fantasies
NY Daily News

For their latest themed evening, BBQ Films brought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out to Williamsburg over the weekend for a strange night of nostalgia and Turtle Power… Partners In Kryme, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo were all in attendance. COWABUNGA…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turn Up In Williamsburg

Holiday on the Fhloston Paradise

The evening has been put together by BBQ Films, the immersive movie-party group, complete with an otherworldly opera performance and an actor twirling around like the movie’s blond-wigged DJ character, Ruby Rhod.

Fans Take Cult ‘Fifth Element’ Off the Screen and onto the Deck of an NYC Party Boat
NY Post

BBQ Films, which is getting really good at this blend of movie-going revelry, [immersed] participants in the daffy intergalactic milieu. Costumed aliens patrolled the ship and there were several racy performances by burlesque dancers, including a climactic striptease by a woman dressed as a bandaged Milla Jovovich.

The Fifth Element On A Boat With Burlesque

Highlights from the night included burlesque-style performances by Diva Plavalaguna and Leeloo Multi-Pass herself, as well as sweeping views of Manhattan’s east and west sides; the wine, cocktails and popcorn flowed plentifully…. BBQ Films has managed to do something very few event-based companies have done – improve exponentially with each successive screening.

Photos from BBQ Films’ Recreation of The Fifth Element’s Fhloston Paradise About a Luxury Yacht in NYC
Untapped Cities