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BBQ Films received a Creative Arts Emmy nomination for our work on the Ecoin Launch Party for Mr. Robot alongside USA Network, Hudson Grey, Civic Entertainment, and Ralph Interactive.

Nominees for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media Within a Scripted Program – 2018

A dream floated down from some pop culture wonderland.

An Evening with ‘Back to the Future’ Superfans in a Manhattan Gymnasium

Guests don’t flock to BBQ simply to watch movies; they go for the chance to be in them. Every [event] contains some sort of social-interaction scene that’s then re-created to make participants feel like movie stars.

Party Time at the Movies
Entertainment Weekly

Rhoads and Lickus see [BBQ Films] events as a new way to experience movies — the live theater elements involving elaborate costumes and sets help to create a community around storytelling.

How BBQ Films Creates Immersive Cinematic Experiences

Immersive to a quantum level of detail: A magician from Long Island parked his 1983 DeLorean out front, gull-wing doors akimbo.

Back to 1955 via the Eighties
The Wall Street Journal

Levels to the immersive nature of the event, far deeper than visual branding: Fans initially had no idea that the caterers, security, and crew, as well a substantial percentage of Gala attendees and even the band, were all hired actors.

Mr. Robot Fans Lost Their Minds When fsociety Leaked the Season 3 Premiere at Ecoin’s Launch Party
MTV News

Elaborate theme parties for films, shown in unusual locations and with much of the audience in costume.

Jumping Off the Screen
New York Times 

Abundantly joyful from top to bottom.

Ghostbusters HQ is Proof the Fandom is All About Joy

Never let it be said that BBQ Films, a New York production company who [creates] immersive parties around film screenings, [does] anything halfway.

A Bloody Hot Mess of Photos from NYC’s Blade Rave
Hopes and Fears

There were people surrounding the dance floor spraying everyone with synthetic blood. The mood was ecstatic.

Inside the ‘Blade’ Rave: The Bloodiest, Freakiest Vampire Dance Party That Ever Happened
GQ Magazine

Something more akin to Disney-World-meets-Comic-Con

Rex Manning Day: Just Another Tasty Treat from BBQ Films
Consequence of Sound

The lights fade up during Mark’s pot-brownie scene, and Gwar ascends the stage—the crowd emits a collective roar rivaled only by the band’s members. They pull the fan winner up for his big moment—after which [Ethan] Embry emerges, inciting absolute mayhem. “I’ve been stuck in that fucking worm for 20 fucking years!” he yells.

How Ethan Embry Spent Rex Manning Day
Vanity Fair

A netherworld waiting room perfect for strange and unusual selfies.

Meet the Couple Who Were Married by Beetlejuice
New York Magazine