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Weekend at Bernie Jr.’s

Bernie's Party

Well, we’re ready to invite you to our summer event! Our next immersive movie night will be Weekend at Bernie Jr.’s on July 25th, out of the city heat at Playland Motel in the Rockaway, Queens. BBQ Films is introducing you to Bernie Lomax Jr. (BJ Lomax), the son you never knew that Bernie had… He’s launching his new disruptive new start-up, Check out his product at and follow him on twitter. Like his father, he may be the orchestrator of some financial irregularities that could get him in trouble with investors. But, you’ll just have to come to find out…

Bernie’s Contest!

Tickets are highly limited, and go on sale at 10a sharp on July 10th.

Tickets are SOLD out, but you can still click the link to enter the contest to win a pair. Give it a shot, and you may find yourself on the boat with Richard and Larry!

This evening is made possible through the tireless efforts of the FILM CREW, with support from Chevrolet, Splash, Amstel Radler, Glassnote Records, and Vinos Libres.

Coming Soon…

Enchantment Under the Sea / March 2014

Enchantment Under the Sea / March 2014

Well folks, thanks to your wonderful support and the hard work of the film crew, BACK TO the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance was amazing. We’re ready to start cooking up something new for you summer 2014. So, stay tuned! Check out photos and video from the last event on our Facebook page. If you’d like to make sure you’re first to find out about the next movie night event, sign up for the mailing list.

Enchantment Under the Sea

Johnnie B. Goode

Johnnie B. Goode

It’s 2014, and something has gone terribly wrong. The time machine has been stolen, the continuum is disrupted, and now we need to go back to 1955 and set it right. Yep, we’re going Back to The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance!

Come With Us!

The screening and dance will be hosted at St. Patrick’s Gymnasium in Nolita. Go Back to the Future with BBQ Films in March – #BBQtothefuture!

Sights & Sounds: Fall Foot Clan Tryouts

Foot Clan Tryouts We are pleased that so many of you joined the foot clan, and so many more of you succumbed to TURTLE POWER in the end. Didn’t make it out to the movie night? Well, don’t worry about that – you can re-live the sights and the sounds. We’ve got photos below, and we have a fantastic mix of the evening’s music from a place both wonderful and strange featuring Partners in Kryme, GHOSTCOP, and Dave Burton from the Falling Birds. Check it out, and stay posted – the next film experience is in the works… See yourselves and the action in the links below!

We’d like to give another big thank you to our sponsors: Neapolitan Express on the pizza, Brooklyn Brewery on the beer, Vinos Libres on the wine, Spring 44 on the spirits, Splash on the promotion, and Villain on the space. We also want to thank a place both wonderful and strange, GHOSTCOP, Partners in Kryme, Derick Winsett, Abracadabra, Monnozorro, Shootbooth, Stphn Hstn, Flavorpill, Velouria, HR Dept, c2 Imaging, and Pursuit of New York. Finally, we’d like to thank the important people that make this entire thing work, the beautiful film crew… See you at the next show! Photo cr. Jacob King

The Fall Foot Clan Tryouts

Foot Clan Graffiti Invite

It’s fall, and we’re putting out a recruitment call for ninja hooligan trainees, so come on out and see if you have the moves to join Shredder’s evil army, the Foot-Clan. You’ll walk into the foot clan hideout, full graffiti walls, a 30 foot skate ramp, break dancers, ninja trainees, turtle themed drinks, video games, and a live performance by Partners in Kryme of Turtle Power from the first soundtrack, kicking off the post-movie DJ set and party. It’s the Turtle event of the decade (and not this decade). NOTE: EVENT IS SOLD OUT!


Tickets are $45, and include • Ninja headbands • 2 slices of pizza (of course) • A screening of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles • An exclusive complimentary Mutant Ninja Turtle beverage • A signed limited-edition event poster by Monozorro • A Turtles-themed musical performance from PARTNERS IN KRYME A Place Both Wonderful and Strange with percussion accompaniment by Dave Burton of The Falling Birds • A post-film DJ dance party • A night in the Foot Clan lair installed at Villain complete with graffiti walls, video games, and copious amounts of fun and trouble • A graffiti photobooth from Shootbooth • BBQ Films gourmet popcorn • $5 beer, wine, and specialty cocktails all night long • PLUS…super-exciting secret performances, surprise guests, treats, and giveaways!

Event is 21+

Fhloston Holiday Pictures

Welcome to the FhlostonParadise We have *four* photosets for this one! A huge thank you to Shootbooth and Carly Sioux for making sure we captured your beautiful faces. Also, many thanks to Alexander Michael for sharing his shots too…

We’d like to give another big thank you to our sponsors: World Yacht, Vinos Libres, Abracadabra, and Splash. We also want to thank our magical musicians a place both wonderful and strange, and our amazing designers, Pursuit of New York on the multipass, HR Department on the poster, Sphn Hstn Stncls and Steevin Love on the giveaways, and C2 Imaging on the printing. Finally, we’d like to thank the important people that make this entire thing work, the beautiful film crew… See you at the next show!

BBQ Films Sweded Summer

Sweded Tapes

It’s summer time, and BBQ Films has the movie that rolls all of your blockbuster favorites into one big “sweded” spectacle, from Ghostbusters to Rush Hour 2 to RoboCop. On July 11th, we take Be Kind Rewind, Michel Gondry’s classic movie about a video-store, and bring it to everyone’s favorite video-store-turned-bar-turned-screening-room. BBQ Films invites you to join us and discover what happens when we erase all of the movies at Videology in Williamsburg.



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Chloe Sevigny

On April 6th…

Tell your secretary to clear your calendar. It’s too late to tell your secretary – this show is SOLD OUT! No tickets available at the door. It’s 1980 at the Tribeca Underground, and we are inviting you to celebrate our friend Patrick Bateman’s 27th Birthday with a big, sexy movie night parties. This one is going to be luxe, as you can join Pierce & Pierce employees for fancy cocktails at the secret club under the Tribeca Grand hotel. Tickets start at $25, with five levels for all of the VIPs (though “the Dorsia” level has SOLD OUT). See below for tickets…

Attend the Party

Saturday, April 6th AMERICAN PSYCHO Early: 6p Doors & Drinks / 7p Movie Late: 10p Doors & Drinks / 11p Movie (more…)