Enchantment Under the Sea

It’s 2014, and something has gone terribly wrong. The time machine has been stolen, the continuum is disrupted, and now we need to go back to 1955 and set it right. Yep, we’re going Back to The Enchantment Under the … Continued

Sights & Sounds: Fall Foot Clan Tryouts

We are pleased that so many of you joined the foot clan, and so many more of you succumbed to TURTLE POWER in the end. Didn’t make it out to the movie night? Well, don’t worry about that – you … Continued

The Fall Foot Clan Tryouts

It’s fall, and we’re putting out a recruitment call for ninja hooligan trainees, so come on out and see if you have the moves to join Shredder’s evil army, the Foot-Clan. You’ll walk into the foot clan hideout, full graffiti … Continued

Fhloston Holiday Pictures

We have *four* photosets for this one! A huge thank you to Shootbooth and Carly Sioux for making sure we captured your beautiful faces. Also, many thanks to Alexander Michael for sharing his shots too… Facebook Album Alex M Event … Continued

Holiday on the Fhloston Paradise

Tickets to the The Fifth Element party – Holiday on the Fhloston Paradise are live. Earlybird tickets are SOLD OUT, but regular tickets are on sale starting 9a on Thursday, Aug 1. SIGN ME UP!

BBQ Films Sweded Summer

It’s summer time, and BBQ Films has the movie that rolls all of your blockbuster favorites into one big “sweded” spectacle, from Ghostbusters to Rush Hour 2 to RoboCop. On July 11th, we take Be Kind Rewind, Michel Gondry’s classic … Continued

Patrick Bateman’s Birthday

A huge thank you to Shootbooth and Carly Sioux for making sure we captured your beautiful faces. If you’ve got more, and we’ll share them on FB… But now, the photos are back from the lab, and they’re ready for … Continued

Make an Appointment

On April 6th… Tell your secretary to clear your calendar. It’s too late to tell your secretary – this show is SOLD OUT! No tickets available at the door. It’s 1980 at the Tribeca Underground, and we are inviting you … Continued

Family Christmas Photos

A huge thank you goes out to Shootbooth for taking all of our family photos this year! The stupendous Sam Petersson has pulled together a short video of all of your beautiful faces, and we have links to the full … Continued

Griswold Family Christmas

On Dec 7th & 8th… Well, the Holiday season is around the corner, and we know how to celebrate with everyone’s favorite Christmas movies. We’re screening them in an over the top Griswold Family Party complete with a visit from … Continued